Finally Sleek I-Divine

December 26, 2011

Sleek PPQ and Original Eye Shadow Palletes
And finally, they have arrived.

Sleek makeup is a UK drugstore makeup brand so ordering straight from UK would be a pain, in terms of shipment fee. I ordered these from Digital Traincase, a well known local reseller. 

I bought them online on December 20. According to the Multiply Invoice, it was scheduled to be delivered on December 21. Knowing this season, I gave a leeway of 3 days before I actually called Xend for a follow up, December 23. They did not yet know where the package was. 

Skipping forward to December 26, I went back to my apartment after celebrating Christmas at Xy's, only to check if my Xend package has already arrived. It has not. I called Xend urgently and that is when they told me they had my package shipped via LBC, a little weird if you ask me. (Xend is only 51 pesos while LBC costs almost triple) 
My problem with this LBC-Xend partnership was that they already gave my package to my landlady on December 23, who lives one street away and did not even notify me that it was already delivered. Heck, that could have been another person they gave it to.

The Original Palette
Also, one of these was supposed to be a Christmas gift but I didn't receive it on time, hence me giving the gift in New Year instead.

On a lighter side, every color was pretty. I want (need) to buy every palette they have. I want this because I don't want to be carrying aroung huge 88+ palettes whenever there are events (because hey, I only wear eye makeup when I have to go somewhere special)

PPQ (Me, Myself and I) Palette
Why the sudden interest for eye shadow, you ask? I have always been fascinated by the way Malen does her eyes. It's amazing, always like a work of art. So there.

Will I buy this again? Yes. The Au Naturel and Storm palette is on my To-Buy list on my next payday.

Bang for the buck? As early as now, I'd say yes. Trios and Quads by available local drugstore makeup here costs roughly the same. These are not just two, not three, but 12 shades per palette. My existing (and lame) eye shadow palette is not nearly as pigmented as this.

Price: PHP650 per palette at Digital Traincase (Many are complaining about the 100-peso price hike but as explained on the online shop page, it is due to the high custom taxes for this season)

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