Deal Review: Straight Naturelle's Keratin Treatment + Foot Spa

December 04, 2011

Will I avail of this service at full price? No. And even if another deal comes up, NO.
Bang for the buck? No. (See below)

Bought the deal for P550 that is valued at P1770. You'd think that buying this is such a steal but I would strongly suggest against it. Here's why:
  1. I asked the girl attending to me what brand of Keratin will they be using. She responded with "Sariling mix lang ng salon". True enough, it seemed like it. It was color green, that shade that could only be achieved with the use of artificial coloring. Apparently, they use the branded Keratin for "full paying" customers. Too bad, I was not able to take a photo.
  2. Upselling. My attendant kept on selling me products that would "maintain" the results of the Keratin treatment. 
  3. One of the brands they tried to sell to me
  4. I was told that the result will last up to 1 month. But it did not. After 2 washes, my hair's back into its dry and lifeless form.
  5. After the foot spa, my feet did not feel pampered at all, like how I usually feel when leaving Let's Face It. (I go there for foot spa treatments and mani/pedi) And look, my attendant is taking her precious time time to text.
  6. The interiors are beat down.
  7. Inconvenient location. 
Disclaimer: This is based on personal experience. This may or may not be the same with what other people went through. 

Straight Naturelle 
2nd level Cash & Carry Mall 
Filmore St. Makati City 
10:00am - 9:00pm 

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