Will you pay P1450 for a loose powder?

December 04, 2011

I did.

Will I buy this again? Yes. But I think I'd reserve this for special occasions and stick to Clinique for everyday makeup. They're too pricey for my budget. I'm thinking of buying setting powder in Beauty Bar just so I won't have to use the MUFE setting powder often. Though I am contemplating on buying a Mat Velvet compact too.

MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder: P1450
MUFE Mat Velvet +: P2250

Like any normal human being (well okay, human being that's my age), I am intimidated to go inside Make Up For Ever Bonifacio High Street. It's just because I would leave the store without buying anything anyway, so why bother.

And then this fateful day came when both my powder and liquid Clinique foundations ran out. Because of the heavy traffic from Taguig to Rustan's Makati, going to Glorietta was not an option. I had to find anything right away I can use for our department's year-ender party in Republiq.

I went to VMV Hypoallergenics first. I had a VMV foundation once. It's very good in covering acne scars. I even used it in my college graduation. It's the VMV Metamorposkin foundation variant, I think. It only costs around P1200. Compared to Clinique foundies, it's much cheaper. Unfortunately, VMV BHS does not carry it anymore. What they only had was the VMV Savvy foundation kind. I tried it, it did not do anything good for my acne scars.

So off I went to The Face Shop. I tried on some of their foundations, but their darkest shade is too light for my morena skin. Then the saleslady hard-selled me into buying their BB creams that are for full coverage daw. Sorry, I don't really think that BB creams could withstand oil, sweat and longevity. Because hey, they are supposed to be BB creams. I'd doubt if there would be such a thing.

So anyway, the shade of BB cream that the saleslady was forcing unto my face is dark. BUT IT IS OF A DIFFERENT UNDERTONE. She was forcing me to buy a BB cream with a pink undertone when my skin has been shouting "Yellow undertone!" all this time. To make her see that she was wrong, I applied some on my jawline. And lo and behold, it looked like a patch of gray on my face. Then I firmly said no and walked out.

The last makeup store would be MUFE, so I had to get in. It's only 500 bucks more than Clinique anyway, so why not try it now. And then I did. The saleslady did not bug me until that time when I had to ask questions regarding the foundation: its staying power, results when subdued to a camera flash, if it's waterproof and sweatproof.

I can read alright. It says everything on the label. I just had to hear it from someone so I could be more convinced to buy something pricey. She immediately sat me down in front of the mirror and tried two shades. The first one was a bit lighter so I asked for the other one. It was perfect shade, even for my skin undertone. Then she proceeded in applying to my whole face, dusted my face with the loose powder to set the liquid foundie and then even went on to applying blush. (Read: When shopping for makeup, I go fresh-faced so I could road test the makeup)

So yeah, basically I went out of the store looking dolled up, makeup purchases in tow.

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