What To Do When In La Union

March 18, 2015

This was originally a portion in my review of The Cirlce Hostel, but I didn't realize until now that that post was already waaay too long so I moved it to a new link.

Or maybe change that title to Where To Eat When In La Union, because four items on this list are food places.

I haven't gone back to LU in four years. During those years a lot has changed in the shoreline of San Juan Beach. There's also places that weren't there yet the last time. Good thing Rafa of The Circle Hostel was very helpful. In case you need help with the itinerary, do check out where Rafa advised us to go during our stay.

1. El Union - It's what I call the most 'grammed coffee shop in La Union. I really liked their coffee. But I LOVED their smores! We ate three pans of this, can you believe it?

According to the owner, they will be closing shop, and opening a bigger and better one down the road. Even with the location change, it will still be a hit for sure. 

2. Riverfarm Floating Restaurant - Floating on top of a fish pond are the huts where you can eat lunch. See your food being caught right in front of your eyes before it's cooked. It's a seafood restaurant but we all loved their inihaw na liempo. You HAVE to try it. Really tasty. Their seafood was not bad, too. (Being a Palaweña, I have high standards in seafood. Yeah yeah I have seafood bias!)

3. Robia and Arby - The moment I posted that photo above, friends who frequent La Union were quick to let me know about this place that serves killer liempo. It was not as tasty as the one we had in Riverfarm (*gasps* yes, I just said that!) but it wins for the crunchiest pork skin I have tasted.

And just in case you are looking for an ATM in Urbiztondo, there is a BPI ATM right in front of Robia and Arby! It is located near the Coca-Cola plant. You won't miss it!

4. Gefseis Greek Grill - There's a few selection of unique eats in LU. I guess putting a Greek restaurant in the mix makes it one of the restaurant you'll be interested to try. I was not a fan of their steak though. Even at medium, the meat was gummy. It was tasty, but gummy. Although, I did hear from my friends that the other dishes were good.

5. San Juan Beach - I just realized the four things I enumerated above were all food places! Of course when in La Union, you surf. For beginners, San Juan Beach is the place to be for that strip on the shoreline filled with surfing instructors who could teach you how to surf, or in my case, who could watch over me for when I drown.

For your surf learning needs, look for Surf Star! They taught my Basti how to surf! (Three Surf Star instructors ran up to me and asked me if they could teach my puppy to surf. I said yes because I knew he'd be safe.)

6. There is a waterfall trekking tour that you can take. Just hire a tour guide, and a jeepney if you're in big group. The Circle Hostel offers the tour for a minimum of 7 people for PHP350 per head. I haven't personally tried the trek but the price seems reasonable. 

Aside from these, I know about that beach in Bacnotan where we once went many years back when there were no waves in San Juan beach. But apart from that, na-da. I'm pretty sure there's more to explore here, so maybe I'll continue this list when I get a chance to go back.

Do you have secret spots in La Union that you can share? 

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