Confessions of a Snacker

March 19, 2015

For last weekend's camping trip in Mt. Malasimbo, I brought with me ZERO towels, ZERO sachets of shampoo/conditioner, ZERO bath soap, ZERO toothpaste and ZERO slippers. Guess what I didn't forget to bring in my backpack? Canned goods, three big bags of chips, bags of biscuits, cookies, chocolates, a 50-pc pack of Mentos berry mix and another 50-pc pack of Judge bubblegum. I'm still in that stage of my life where I can forgo hygiene as long as I have something to munch on. At this point, this could either be amusing you or grossing you out. Go ahead, feel free to feel whatever. (Read: I eventually bought a pair of slippers, freeloaded toiletries off my friend, Kriz and borrowed Dada's hotel towel.)

I have no idea how people can work without snacks by their side. How are they keeping themselves awake? How are they not hungry every now and then?

I've learned in my six years as a working professional that it can't be done. I can work for hours without water but if you take away my snacks from me, I will get crankier than Basti without his favorite chew toy.

A Snacker's Desk. This is what's on my work desk at the moment! Not even close to the most food I have snacked on in one sitting.
Intellectual Propercty Center, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. March 19, 2015. 

Sure, if there's healthy food I'll choose that over junk food any day! But munchers can't be choosers. I'll eat whatever I can get my hands on!

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