Hopes and Dreams

March 04, 2015

"Kuya, pangarap ko sa buhay magkaroon ng photo hawak yung surfboard habang naglalakad," I said to the surfing instructor of Surf Star last weekend. I then asked him to take my photo, and he surprisingly went for it. We took a LOT of photos. Then Basti, my puppy, went inside the frame, I started laughing and thus the happy moment captured below.

I'm one of those people who goes on a trip, and while on the road envisions at least one photo to take home. It may be shallow to some, but for me it's a small win. And I would have been terribly restless after the trip had I not asked.

Earlier today in the office, me and my friends were talking about passion ideas that could earn us money. I spewed something about making a team that could consult for the government with regards to anything that could lessen traffic using technology and math. They laughed. They said consulting can easily be done by professionals. That we could easily do the consulting path once we grow older, say 10 years from now.

I don't know. I guess it's because I know people my age who already do this in Palawan for the environment sector. They get huge funding for it, too.

Having a teacher for a mom and a retired soldier for a dad, it has always been a dream for me to work for the government and contribute something to help our country move forward. I'm still idealistic that we can make the Philippines as strong as it once were. And right now, the heavy traffic is really causing huge financial impact on every business operating in our business districts. In this Inquirer article, it says the Philippine economy is losing P2.4 billion daily in human productivity while we all get stuck in traffic. That's really sad, don't you think so, too?

I think we have many talented and wise people who can make a difference. They are usually young, idealistic and passionate to try turn things around for the future generations. I think the government should invest more on these people. I want to be one of those people. Let this post be an open letter to anyone who has the urge to do the same. I work in the IT industry. Let me know if you have something in mind, ya?

Okay, so that escalated quickly from a pa-cute post to something more serious. It's okay. No one reads my sappy posts anyway. Until the next brain fart! :)

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