2nd Day Hair in Humid Manila

March 10, 2015

Fun fact: I do not own a comb.

With the exception of when I'm in a salon, my hair hasn't really been combed in years. It has been around three years since I last cared and gave time to my hair during morning preps, but who's counting. I may have already mastered the art of the sexy messy hair, all thanks to my laziness to maintain a proper hairdo!

Right now, my weekday hair routine goes like this:

1. Wash
2. Towel dry
3. Air dry while tousling hair with fingers
4. Tousle some more while in transit to the office

But when I suddenly need to be somewhere with little time to prep, or when I simply cannot get over waking up with a gorgeous bed hair, I just shower without washing my hair. And that is what we eventually call the second day hair.

It's a win-win scenario, tbh. First, you save time by not having to dry your hair before leaving the house. (Win!) Second, the VOLUME is awesome. (Win!) Third, you let your scalp rest from the chemicals brought by the shampoo and conditioner, letting the natural oils keep your hair healthy. (Win!) Fourth, have I already mentioned the amazing VOLUME? Because if there's one reason to pull off second day hair, it is definitely because of the volume it gives your hair. (Win! Win! Win! Okay, I just really wanted to insert that The Office reference. Please tell me you got that?)


"But it is very humid in Metro Manila, wouldn't the second day hair backfire on me?" 
Thank goodness for dry shampoo! I have only been using dry shampoo since 2014, but boy did they give second day hair a chance in the humid Metro Manila.

I have only used two brands: the Dove and Toni & Guy dry shampoos, having much disparity in market price with Dove's costing below 300 pesos and Toni & Guy's costing 990 pesos. That's more than three times in price difference! Let's also take into account that the Dove brand is 5oz while the Toni & Guy one is only 1.53oz.


There are instructions on the can and I just follow those. As for the number of times per week. I try to use dry shampoo only once a week, maybe twice max. if I'm really really really late for something.


Second day hair can sometimes be icky. I had enough of it and decided I wanted a dry shampoo. I went to the Watson's in SM Aura for the Toni & Guy hair section, and lo and behold, right in front of it was a Dove stall selling the same thing at a fraction of the price. Naturally, I bought Dove's because it was cheap. After all, 2014 was a year I couldn't afford to have luho, other than traveling.

I used it for months. I guess it was safe to say it did its job. It kept my second day hair smelling fresh and looking clean while retaining the volume. My only qualm is that if the spray gets onto your hands, it feels a bit sticky. The dry shampoo sprayed on the  hair feels like you put loose powder on your hair, or at least that's how it felt to me. Usually, by the end of Day 2, the oilies will slowly creep back to my hair. The worst feeling would be when my hair gets on my face, making my face also absorb the oilies. Eek!

Come December, in my consecutive lucky streak, I won a Christmas party gift basket. This contained a Toni & Guy dry shampoo, the very same item being sold in stores. And I was already eyeing that prize since it was displayed in the office, too. Lucky!

I only got to try the Toni & Guy dry shampoo this year because it is taking forever to use up Dove's. That cliche "You get what you pay for" cannot be more true. Trying T&G made me question why I scrimped and bought Dove in the first place. T&G was amazing. It didn't feel like I put product in my hair. My hair didn't oil up even after Day 2 has ended. I could go on and on raving about this product but I think you already get what I'm saying. This was just by far more superior than it's low-cost competition.

If the four paragraphs were too long for you to read. Here's the verdict in two sentences: I will choose Toni & Guy over Dove dry shampoo on my next purchase. The price is worth it.

To end this post, here are several photos of my technically third day hair. (I'm writing this post the morning after I slept on my second day hair. The caption on this post's banner photo was a lie!!!)

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  1. I can do only up to 3rd day without dry shampoo, palagi lang kasi syang naka-bun. but now, i started using dry shampoo again (batiste dark brown). ewan ko lang if kaya ko lumampas sa 3 days hahaha i can hear my hair thanking me for not washing them everyday.

  2. Ano pang ibang brand na-try mo? Wala atang Batiste dito. I keep mine max two days kasi sobrang pawisin ko. Altho maganda pa rin naman yung 3rd day hair, never ko pa na-dare ipanglabas ng bahay yung 3rd day hair. True about our hair thanking us! Kahit walang mga hair treatments, mukha pa rin siyang healthy haha!

  3. yun palang and sephora. natry ko rin na ACV lang gmit. ang saya lang ng buhok ko after. nag 3rd day hair ako madalas pag paweekend na. naipapang mall ko pa rin hahaha