Petsa de Peligro Hits: The 120-peso Buttered Garlic Crabs

August 31, 2014

It's the month-end yet again. For most working professionals, it means having just gotten their paycheck; for me, it means 10 more days until I get mine. It's what we like to call Petsa de Peligro.

I try to cook as much as possible since it means saving monies. But even in Petsa de Peligro days, I want to eat something that doesn't say "Hey, I'm currently cash-poor." So when I chanced upon a peddler at the Guadalupe market carrying a net filled with live crabs, I just had to ask how much they cost.

Presenting... the 120-Peso Buttered Garlic Crabs!

Grocery List:
1/2 kilo crabs - Php100
butter - Php10
Sprite - Php10
garlic/pepper/salt - from the kitchen (okay, so this dish was maybe more than 120 pesos, but I didn't buy these seasoning today so)

Total: Php120

There were four crabs in this dish so I went to my best friend's apartment to share the seafood goodness. They tasted pretty good, I must say. Sobrang sulit!

Oh by the way, half a crab cooked the same way are sold for also Php120 in a Market! Market! food stall. I guess what I'm trying to say is that homecooking can really expand that tight budget. And I should do it more frequently. 

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