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August 06, 2014

Bang for the buck

Filtered the hell out of this selfie because pimples! 
Did you know you can get your bangs trimmed at Tony & Jackey salons for only Php100? I have known this for years but I seldomly use this service. I have been DIY-cutting my bangs for the past couple of years, you see. Not only is it cheaper (read: free), you'd also spare yourself the "trim lang po" talk with the stylist. Because when a girl asks for a trim, it's never really just a trim. They will chop off about 5 inches and you can't do anything but stare, teary-eyed, at the pile of hair on the floor. 

Today, I finally got irritated by the length of my bangs, and since I was already in BGC, I went to Tony and Jackey to get my bangs trimmed by someone who actually knows what she's doing. I forgot to ask the pretty stylist's name but I might go back to her for a full haircut one of these days. 

By the time I arrived in the office (see pic), it's no longer as perfectly side swept as it was when I got out of Tony & Jackey. Of course.

Hairy Potter
I somehow don't like that I'm hairy. I have read that it actually has a lot of benefits but meh. I have an upcoming trip this weekend and that means I'll need to wax, shave, and thread hair off my body. Someday, I'll have money to get all these unwanted hair lasered off. For now, it'll just be part of my monthly expenses. Oh, to be a girl!

It has been too long since I have been sporting the Serena van der Woodsen hair, which means I never comb it. It also means I haven't owned a comb for the longest time. I like it, sure. I hope to be on Survivor one day rocking this look.

You go, Gugo!
Photo grabbed from Nanny Rose's Facebook page
During one of my late night BGC Sunday strolls, I walked into the Watson's store along Rizal Drive to finally buy a bottle of shampoo. (I have been making do with the shampoo sachets I bought from 711 for the longest time.) I wanted to try something new so I walked out of the store with Nanny Rose's Gugo & Lawat shampoo. I just tried it today and my hair smells awesome. 

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