Another BPI-related Scam?

August 07, 2014

A landline number just called my cellphone. From the other end of the line, the guy I talked to introduced himself as a BPI representative. He spoke in perfect English. 

Here's how the conversation went.
Caller: Hello. Is this Ms. Jennever Pelaez?
Me: Yes. Who's this? 
Caller: (...inaudible) May I have your birth date for verification?
Me: Huh? What's this for? 
Caller: This is for your BPI credit card application. 
Me: I didn't apply for a card.  
Caller: This is just an assessment.  
Me: Sorry, I don't want one.
From what I've heard, among all the banks here in the Philippines, BPI is one of the most strict when it comes to credit card applications. Getting called to be assessed for eligibility seemed too good to be true so I'm pretty sure it's another one of those scams. Here is the phone number for your reference.

Be aware. Be vigilant.

Edit: I googled the phone number (02 758 3031) and found several forum sites where this phone number was discussed. Apparently, the same number is also used by people who introduce themselves as Manulife Insurance and BDO representatives. 

Link 1 : Someone in this thread actually gave their credit card info
Link 2 : Same story as mine, except that the credit card application was being offered by someone posing as  a BDO representative.

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