Pilot Episode Alert: Selfie

August 28, 2014

One thing I like about eztv is getting first dibs on new shows. And that's basically what I do on my free time--download pilot episodes and watch them without reading the synopsis. I just love getting surprised by promising storylines. This is how I judge if I want to follow a series. With this show, however, I didn't really have that surprise element. Of course, it was gonna be about a narcissistic bitch girl.
After being the subject of an embarrassing viral video, a self-involved 20-something enlists the help of a marketing expert to revamp her image in the real world. -IMDB
 (Amy Pond of Doctor Who),  (Harold of Harold & Kumar)

It was an okay 30-minute pilot. Nothing monumental but if it can hit you where it hurts, it could at least be beneficial. In some ways, I could relate to the story and I'm pretty sure a lot would, in this generation of front-facing cameras. One good takeaway from this show was the living-the-moment speech. Oftentimes, when we are stuck too much to our phones that we eventually miss a good moment. (Shoutout to my friend Tonix! Thank you for your efforts on keeping me off my phone and engaging me socially instead. I actually appreciated and learned from that.) On the other side of the spectrum, it also showed that those who are introverted by nature, sometimes just need a push.

It's something you can watch mindlessly. Go watch it if you have the heart to hook yourself on a show that will inevitably be cancelled after the first season. (I'm talking about your show-cancelling reputation, ABC!)

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