Surplus Shop Find of the Day

March 19, 2014

Three things: I'm on sick leave. I don't have my laptop with me here at home. I'm bored out of my mind.

For food, I usually cook whatever's available but since I'm nursing a fever, I'd rather walk to a nearby eatery to buy both lunch and dinner. 

There I was, waiting for my sisig takeout, when I saw the "Surplus Shop" sign next door. Since I was already waiting anyway, why not kill some time, right? So in a shop of random goodness, I went! 

It was a small space but there's a huge variety of everything. There are electronic appliances, shoes, cookware, furniture, china, clothes, golf clubs, rackets, jewelries, trinkets, and a section for umbrellas. 

I don't really have a huge reason but I've always wanted one of these clear plastic umbrellas. And for this alone, even when it's summer and I won't be needing it in the next couple of months, I bought it. I only got it for 50 pesos so there's not really that much thought that went to this purchase.

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