25 Wasn't Bad At All

March 29, 2014

Like some people, I also think quarter-life crisis is a label that lets people have their acceptable amount of meltdowns. I've had my fair share as clearly seen on how this personal blog has been a half of in-your-face-emotional posts. But if there's a silver lining in this, it's that I got hit with it at the best possible time. A little younger would have broken me more, a little older might have meant total breakdown (i.e., the end of the world).

At this age, I was neither too young nor too old to experience everything that came into mind. It was a fun and colorful ride, and I know it really showed.

And now, a listicle with nonparallel sub-titles! *Dun dun dun dun*

1. I reconnected with most of my best friends
Being single did that, but I know now to keep this relationship with friends regardless of my status. Having friends that I can talk to really helped me not wander back into the familiarity of the past.

2. ...kept the old,
Because really, even if personalities have changed, you can always rely on everyone to come through for you.

3. and made new ones.
Most of my Friday nights during 2013 have been with these two.

4. IDK March 2013 was both terrible and beautiful
I got into a car accident and the house got robbed, all in the same month, and I came out of both incidents alive.

5. New beginnings
I moved into a new place with a nice view. Small things like waking up to this view has been one of the things I loved about 2013.

6. NC42 and Ruby Woo
I bought myself makeup from MAC! Haha. This would sound really shallow but I've always thought I would get breakouts because they're non-comedogenic.

7. Color-virgin hair, no more 
I had my hair colored for the first time. It was not really visible in the photo below, but it was just the right amount of "safe" color for me. At least I didn't have to worry about regrowth.

8. Starstuck Days--Because who didn't had a crush on Mark Herras 
I got interviewed by local celebrities at the beach. Getting asked personal questions by your Starstruck Season 1 crush doesn't really happen everyday. Although, I'm pretty sure it was the bikini that did that.

9. Awkward solo traveling
I traveled alone! And wrote a lengthy post on how to do it, too.

That Solo Beach Trip of 2013 from Jennever Pelaez on Vimeo.

10. Baguio, on a rhum 
I traveled alone to Baguio...tipsy. I had to miss a party and endure the bus A/C while wearing a shirt dress, but it was okay. I was warm the whole trip.

11. Local travel and signature shots
I went to a lot of places. Almost every month had a trip planned, and in every one of them, I had my signature jump shots and scorpion poses. More for my collection!
Photo by Bong Manayon

12. Clubbing 101
 It started in the company offsite, mid-April. Then it just became a regular thing that we'd do on a Friday night. Late bloomer yes, but the upside could be that I don't really YOLO it out on Friday nights.

13. Better late than never.
Although this would only happen when I'm with my team, I experienced getting plastered drunk for the first time.
Thankfully, all the photos are pre-plastered drunk

14. Barely there, almost
I went on and did an intimate shoot for the first time. It was fun but my stress levels might not bear a second time. I do like, however, that I have freezed a moment in time when my body is still okay, because as we all know, metabolism will dramatically slow down with age.

Outtake. Shot by Don Michael De Leon.

15. 10 days of pure bliss
I celebrated Christmas and New Year in a foreign country with one of my best friends. This was the moment in life where I had realizations and everything was so bright. Truly a highlight of my year, and you'd know this because I'll never run out of stories about this trip.

Best Holiday Ever 2013 from Jennever Pelaez on Vimeo.

I was aiming for 25 things I can list but this pretty much sums it all up. It has been a year of firsts, spontaneity and decisions done on a whim. I wouldn't really change anything because it has been perfect. *aww, sap!* To everyone who has been a part of the past year, thank you. I would have never survived this crisis if not for you.

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  1. What a fun read! Congratulations on number 14! ;)

  2. Princess Chariza DagasdasMarch 29, 2014 at 10:39 AM

    jen!! labyu!!

  3. #8 is definitely kilig to the max! haha. happy birthday

  4. Thanks Charlene! Ang hirap pala! :3

  5. Love you too, Cha! See you later!

  6. Thank you, Hanne! Definitely the highlight of Boracay 2013! Haha!