MTV Match Machine

March 09, 2014
Basically, it's a hi-tech version of FLAMES, only that it bases the calculations on the Facebook profile. I know for a fact that this is not accurate, just like FLAMES.

Here are my results, you know, for the lolz.

1. My ex. (This is when I started laughing.)

2. My close friend's ex. (Seriously laughing hard at this point!)

3. My best friend. (You don't even know how funny for me this was! G, you know why.)

Then, I tried it again, but with girls this time. For this round, all those in the results are my best friends. At least, the Match Machine got the closeness right, this time.

1. My other best friend in our trio with Gzon. (We look amazing daw, Joiz!)

2. My office best friend for, uhh, 4 years? (Has it really been that long, Cha?)

3. My college best friend. (Len, Vin at Chris, sorry mas close daw kami ni Mira.)

And that's that. Try it! 

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