Singapore Shutdown Diaries: Day 3

January 05, 2014

Beach Day

Candice Swanepoel peg, albeit not as sexy.
Just you wait 'til Laboracay!
After much walking from the first two days, I arrived in the hostel the night before to find out that my bad ankle has been acting up. This was the same ankle I twisted during a dance presentation during our company Christmas party held a week before. It was A-C-H-I-N-G really bad. I thought, "Hey, I should sleep this off. Tomorrow, if I'm lucky, the pain will be gone." It wasn't. In fact, it went on for three days! I was limping around Singapore but managed to walk through the pain whenever necessary. (e.g., taking jumpshots, walking past a cutie)

I was able to wake up at 7AM but I had to move slow to accommodate my feet to the best comfort I can give it. I went out of the hostel around 11AM. It was raining. Good thing Singapore rains only last about an hour, then it stops. We had a theory that it may be cloud seeding. Haha I don't know if it holds true.

Anyway, I didn't want to walk half a kilometer to reach the nearest train station. Then I happily found out that there is a mere 10-second walk bus stop right outside. It costs a lot less too! I have taken Bus 145 every time since then.

We met at VivoCity to buy food and liquor and to catch the monorail to Siloso Beach. According to another friend, we should have gone to Tanjong beach (for the cute guys!!) but we were so relaxed and we didn't wanna walk any further.

We finished the bottle of martini but we didn't really get drunk nor got a buzz out of it. IDK. Beach Day was still very relaxing. And I am a beach person, so that's a plus.

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