Metro Manila, the film

January 04, 2014

At first I picked out Harry Potter but then I stopped, because I rarely fly Singapore Airlines and it would be such a shame if I didn't maximize the featured non-mainstream films, of which I cannot just download via torrent. Incidentally, I watched this movie during my flight from Singapore to Manila. It was so good, I cried 10 times, with the 10th extending until the ending credits. Yes, I counted. But maybe it's just me since I'm emotional most of the time. 

Do not get mistaken that this is just pure drama. I cried because of the multitude of feelings being conveyed. I just have so much love for any movie that can make me feel all sorts of emotion, and that was what I felt during the movie. The acting was great. The storyline was different. And it took a foreign film crew (well okay, it's a British-Filipino collaboration) on a tight budget to make this.

Just the fact that the script given to the Filipino actors were in English, and they had to translate the words themselves was already amazing... It was UK's entry for the Oscars but even though it didn't make the cutoff, great job, still, you guys! You make me believe that our film industry can still survive the swarm of mainstream junk.

If you bump into this movie, please watch it. :)

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