Singapore Shutdown Diaries: Day 2

January 03, 2014

Universal Studios Singapore and Stalking People-Watching

I should probably invest in a wide angle lens. These cropped shots do not look cute anymore. :(
This is not a backpacking trip. So unlike our hostel-mates, for our second day in Singapore, naturally we went to USS. Uhm uhmm. I don't really know how to write about this day because we did what normal people do in theme parks--queue for the rides all day and enjoy.

Medyo nabigla kami na naging wild bigla yung ride. Well, not really THAT wild. Haha.
Oh, we shared the Transformers ride with Isabel Oli and her family. She's so pretty in person! Sorry, no pics.

We also watched some shows.

We loved the Rockafellas. As people who could dance a bit, we liked the fact that dancers were able to get that much pull with people (not too many people gathered around for the singing trio act).

Also, the fairy godmother from the Shrek area was such a bitch. She practically shoved us away. ("DO NOT TOUCH ME! NO TOUCHING! STAY IN FRONT!") Was she just being in character?? And for the record, we weren't even touching her.We planned on sending USS management a complaint letter. Note to self: Send that letter. Get that girl fired!
Bitch, please! 
My favorite ride was the Transformers ride so we tried this twice. It's the same thrill every time! Next was the Mummy roller coaster ride. Haha I just had to post this reaction shots. Priceless!
The most amazed I was was probably during the Steven Spielberg movie effects demo. UH-MAY-ZING! The best part, however, would probably when we sat along Hollywood Avenue (St? Rd? Haha whatevs) to sit on the sidewalk and enjoy people-watching. I also got to do some street photography, which I have not done in such a long time! (Note: A lot of photos ahead)
And of course I had to have a photo of myself candidly walking down the street too!

This was the first time we realized we're lucky with timing and getting fast-tracked. We got fast-tracked at every ride! Of course, we felt very special and it added joy to the whole experience. Ahh to be young at heart!

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