Good News and Bad News: Flickr and BDJ Box

January 02, 2013

The Bad News

It's already January 3 and the BDJ Box for December has not yet arrived. If you are also subscribed for the December box and like me, you were also lightheaded when you read the SMS blast, allow me to post the screenshot of the FYI on the box arrivals.

On this note, we can put into consideration that the courier staffing is no longer in the BDJ team's control and it would be inhumane to really demand for the boxes to be delivered on January 1. I'm still willing to give this box a chance. If the contents are impressive, I might renew my prepaid subscription. If not, I just wish Glamourbox would accommodate more orders since they're forever out of stock.

The Good News

The FlickrMail was sent last week, but I was only able to see it just now. Flickr gave away 3 months of Flick Pro capabilities! Yey! What a treat, right?
I have always been a fan of how photos don't get eternally ruined, IQ-wise, during upload compression, like how they would when you upload them on social networking sites. If I was a heavy shooter-uploader of photos, I would seriously consider buying a Flickr Pro subscription but since I rarely upload photos nor do I really take photos that are worth the free space, I'm being practical by holding out.

But thanks to all the free time on my hand right now, I might be able to actually exert some effort towards this hobby, HOPEFULLY.

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