Levels of Vanity

January 16, 2013

Before, I have always maintained that I shouldn't over saturate my Instagram profile with my face. But when 2013 came, I even have to make an effort to post random things just so I can break my vanity rampage. It is hard. (That's what she said!)

One day, I'll probably bring my camera for higher resolution in my photos. Nevertheless, this micro vanity breaks (©JV Maralit) have been a great stress reliever for me. Let me put it this way: Some take yosi breaks, I do this.

There are two types of people who take their photos from elevator reflections: great dressers with no personal photographers a la Camille Co, or really vain people. Seeing that I would take my photo regardless of how haphazardly I dressed, of course I belong in the latter!

One time, my iPhone camera lagged too long and the elevator already reached my floor. I did the most sensible thing, and that is to make a round trip back to the ground floor. Yes, someone I know saw me. Kebs!

Then, there are times when I feel like "Hey, I just woke up. I'll drop my side bangs and put on lipstick. Only lipstick." Very Titanic Rose moment. I used to wear only nude lipsticks because I was scared that colored ones are too loud and something I cannot pull off. 2013 is going to change that.

Since the office stairwell is my favorite place in the office to cry and/or make personal phone calls, one day it hit me. Why do I not take photos using the floor to ceiling windows that reflects my image!

Then it leveled up. I started feeling comfortable with my fire exit. Yes, I have already marked it as my territory and sweet escape.

The legs on those photos greatly depict my frustration for long legs, a few more inches and I would have made my childhood dream happen--joining Binibing Pilipinas. Huhu. All I can do now is to pose them in a way that would make them look longer and leaner. They are muscly in real life.

I originally just wanted to take a photo of my skirt. I just bought it last week from Arf, you see. Yesterday when I was in a hurry, still with dripping wet hair, I had to pick the fastest outfit I can from my pile of clothes. This led me to the most effortless combination that I always sport in such situations--The T-shirt + Girly Skirt Pair.

It's not even an ensemble, just a couple of clothing pieces worn together. For this certain pairing, I had to use a (ex)boyfriend shirt that was on the top of the pile.

Aaaand by now, you must probably be thinking, "Wow, what a narcissist! Who could ever make a post this long only to talk about herself and her vanity." For this, my only response would be...

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  1. Im guilty! But I wish our elevator (mirror) can be clear like the one in your office! Hehe