How To: Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership after the trial period ended

January 04, 2013

Like me, did you forget to click the "Do not upgrade" button before the free 1-month trial period of Amazon Prime ended? If you are also that negligent, this post is for you! (And I meant that with all my love)

Backing up, if you don't have an idea what I'm talking about, Amazon Prime gives you FREE two-day shipping, no minimum order size, unlimited instant streaming of movies and TV shows, and a Kindle book you can borrow each month. Overall, it's a pretty good deal, more so if you are a frequent online shopper. The only catch is the USD 79 price tag that it comes with.

Being someone who is least likely to invest in something like this, I'd jump for any chance to try this service for free. So when the opportunity arose, I signed up for the convenience of getting the items I ordered 3 or more working days earlier.

And since the trial is only for a month, naturally I'd forget about it. I only remembered when I received text messages saying my AMEX debit card transaction couldn't be completed because I have insufficient funds. I was thankful that I haven't replenished my GCash fund so I wasn't automatically debited by USD 79. That would've been a nightmare!

When I checked my account to cancel the membership, I could no longer see the "Do not upgrade" button, instead the error message above was posted. Upon searching the website, I still couldn't find it so I went on to Google for an answer.

To end this post, do you have stuff you need/want to order from Amazon and have it shipped here in Metro Manila? Drop me a comment/message if you're interested. Maybe we can arrange something and pool in our orders to save on shipping!

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