Sunday Brew Appreciation Post

December 02, 2017

Actually it's not just on Sundays, but every time I drink a cup of coffee using Bo's Coffee beans. This is not a paid post. I just usually think, "I should post about this, because it's good" and have never gotten 'round to it because I either have to hurry to work, and/or life starts as soon as the coffee kicks in. 

It's been four months now since I started bringing back Bo's Coffee beans from Manila to Singapore. I wouldn't gush on how this is the best coffee I have ever tried, because it isn't and I'm sure there are a lot of better beans out there. One thing I'm very happy about these beans though is how accessible it is to get your hands on them, without having to go all the way to, well, Benguet, Davao (Mt. Apo), Bukidnon (Kitanglad) and South Cotabato (Mt. Matutum). These beans can be bought at PHP375 each at Bo's Coffee shops all over the Philippines. Personally, I just grab a bag or two at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, before my flight back to Singapore.

For this post, I would also like to briefly talk about the three bag of beans I have left. If you're gonna make me rank the three, it's a close fight between Benguet and Kitanglad for the top spot.

1. Benguet

Flavor Profile: Well-balanced, with herbal notes and a winey taste

It's not too strong but also not too light. This is Goldilock's Baby Bear equivalent of coffee for me. It gives me just the enough kick I need to start the day. The flavor profile says it has a winey taste, but I can't really taste it. Either way, it's still a good coffee. (And you can always just have wine separately!) This bag in the photo is the second bag of Benguet I have tried.

2. Kitanglad

Flavor Profile: Light and nutty, with floral undertones

I may be mixing the names up. I'm quite sure Kitanglad is the one that tastes like chocolate, almost. This is why it's the second best for me. I feel like I need to get another bag of this to be sure it's really good. I once tried pouring it in ice and mixed in with some milk and it was delicious!

3. Mt. Apo

Flavor Profile: Sweet and earthy, with low acidity and medium body

For me, this tasted quite weak compared to the other bags. Perhaps I just don't like coffee that's naturally sweet and maybe I have been used to having more kick. Although it is true, you can feel the lower acidity and it's quite good for the stomach.

Mt. Matutum [Not in photo] 

Flavor Profile: Berrylike and spicy, with notes of cardamom and camphor

This one did tasted berrylike, but I didn't quite get the spicy-ness it speaks of. Still a very good coffee and this bag was finished quite fast.


As for the text on the photo, Thanks, Steve!... Because of this post, I went on and Googled who owns Bo's Coffee. Apparently, it is not a guy named Bo. (Lol, the text was originally Thanks, Bo!) This now successful Filipino coffee shop chain was founded by a Steve Benitez and has grown exponentially--from just a coffee cart in Ayala Center Cebu to an astounding 91 coffee shops all over the Philippines.

So yes, thank you, Steve, for making these Philippine-sourced coffee beans widely available. We, coffee home brewers, rushing through NAIA cannot thank you enough.

PS Please stock up on Sagada beans because that one is always unavailable! :)

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