A better day with A Better Florist

October 31, 2017

"And here the sunflower of the spring
Burns bright in morning's beam."
Ebenezer Elliott

With everything going through with me the past few months, one of the good things that happened was receiving a package from A Better Florist. This happened just after I lost (and found) my handbag at the Johor Bahru checkpoint terminal on my way back to Singapore. Naturally, I was flustered after the whole ordeal. When I got to the condo, a bouquet of flowers was waiting for me at the guardhouse. Almost instantly, my spirits were lifted.

The flowers came with a small greeting card, carefully wrapped in a brown burlap and was intricately tied by a light gold ribbon. It was a mix of sunflowers, daisies and some lush greens, which the store calls The Ayla. Out of excitement, we immediately unpacked and placed the bunch in water with a packet of chrysalis that came with the bouquet's care packet.

Now, onto some specifics:

A Better Florist is available for island-wide delivery in Singapore. They deliver on the same day from 9am to 6pm daily, and entertain pre-orders should you need to get the flowers sent for another day.

Like any other online shops, you 1) select which bouquet you want to order/send, 2) indicate the address of where to send the flowers, 3) select a date/time for delivery, 4) optional addons to make the order even more special, 5) add a note and/or special delivery instructions, and 6) proceed to payment.

Ordering Steps with photos

Step 1: Choose your blooms 

Step 2: Fill out the Recipient information

Step 3: Specify delivery date/time

Step 4A: Add sweets or a surprise Teddy (who doesn't not want a Teddy bear?? Everyone does!) 
Step 4B: Vases as another optional addon

Step 5: Add a note and/or special delivery instructions

Step 6A: Checkout with your payment information 

Step 6B: Add a promo code if you have one

It's quite straightforward, and their website can be navigated with ease on both mobile and web platforms. They accept Visa and Mastercard payments, and soon Amex. And the most important part of all, the delivery is FREE and the GST is already inclusive of the bouquet price.

You know when they add a "But wait, there's more!" in every TV home shopping network spot? Because I'm totally doing that for this post. If you're a first-time customer for A Better Florist, just enter the Promo Code: ABETTERWELCOME and it will slash off S$5 from the total cart price!

If you have a loved one, or a friend in need of cheering up, consider sending them The Ayla blooms like the one I received, or any of the curated flower bouquets from A Better Florist's collection. You'll never know what kind of healing effect a little package can do.

Order at: https://www.abetterflorist.com/flowers

You can also send them an e-mail at kate@abetterflorist.com, call them at +65 3163 1525 or send a note via their Contact Us page for comments and further inquiries.


PS The flower care packet will look like this. (Sorry, it's already crumpled!) Don't throw it out! Use it to prolong the beauty of those flowers.

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