Tipsy Transition Commentary - Moulin Rouge

January 24, 2018

A short back story: I got stranded in Brittany (Northwest France) and ended up losing my 2 days supposedly of traveling to the South of France.

Instead of cramming in what would be a tiring train ride, I decided to stay again in Paris. So basically I had to scrap my original plans of celebrity-watching during the Cannes Festival. It sounds absurd now, but that was my plan and I was super excited for it.

Anyway life must go on. I remembered a conversation with my friend Jam Sisante about her wanting to watch the cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge but for lack of time, she couldn't.

In contrast, I suddenly had a lot of time so I tried my luck to see if the Moulin Rouge still had tickets available. There were! I went alone and got tipsy really quick--who knew the ticket included not one free glass of champagne, BUT AN ENTIRE BOTTLE all for myself.


You know those short moments when watching in a theatre and they dim the lights to allow a change in cast/costume/scene? It's called a transition. It's also called a time to reflect on life and how amazing of a time I was having, and a time to quickly jot down stuff because I had no one to gasp and be in awe with. 

This post is about using that transition moment to quickly type in my thoughts while watching the show. Since they are very strict in photo-taking, allow me to share that uncensored, colorful cabaret experience with screencaps from my Notepad. (Note: It's in Taglish because my mind thinks in Taglish, most especially when drunk)

And now, for some actual informative details for those who got to this post from Google, who may not care about my commentary, if you can even call it that! :))

Ticket Booking
I booked the tickets thru the Moulin Rouge website. I just rechecked it now and they seemed to have upgraded the website into a modern-looking user interface. It's a lot easier to navigate. You can book your tickets at this link:

Ticket Price
The prices will vary depending on the timing and the day of the week.There's a 7pm, 9pm and 11pm slot. Weekdays and later slots seem to be much cheaper. I got my ticket on a Monday, for the 11pm show and it cost me a 115 euros.
(Read: I didn't know it came with a bottle of champagne, hence the very welcome surprise. Sulit!)

Things To Note
I only got a reservation PDF. When I got to the theatre, I had to proceed to the Reservations booth to exchange my reservation into a real ticket for entrance. They required me to forward my reservation email to before they could print out the ticket.

If you don't have mobile data, they have a wifi you can connect to. If you don't/won't have your smartphone with you, bring a printout of the reservation.

Location or Point de Rendez Vous
82 Boulevard de Clichy - Place Blanche
75018 Paris

Metro 2 - Station Blanche

Final Tips
1. Go a bit earlier and walk around Montmarte. The Basilica of Sacre-Coeur is just nearby.
2. There will be a lot of shady guys because it is a famous tourist spot, so always be alert.
3. Enjoy the champagne!

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