My (Semi Big) Ass Saved My Life

January 17, 2016

It's a Sinulog Sunday and I am in the emergency room. 

(Let's rewind for a bit, shall we?)

Before flying to Cebu, I never imagined not dancing my Sunday night away. It is, after all, the best day to be here by unanimous votes amongst friends. They have the grand parade, the street parties, and simply put, the good vibes all around.

It's not a secret that I have been very busy since the past month and this trip was supposed to be the few days where I would de-stress. I said to myself, "I will only party on Sunday. Saturday and Monday, I will go to a spa or something." Did that happen? No. I practically planned my weekend around parties happening throughout my stay.

(Okay okay! We're getting to the good part!)

Last night, I fell from the top bunk bed. 

Yup. That's what happened. I'll allow a few laughs, because I, myself, laughed when I woke up, very surprised, that I'm already on the floor.

The Aftermath
My roommates went to my side to ask if I'm okay. I got up like nothing happened, even went to the kitchen to drink two glasses of water, washed my glass and climbed back to the top bunk. I was in shock, I guess. 

I felt pain but I decided to sleep on it. Maybe when I wake up, it will be gone. 1) It wasn't and 2) It was more painful than I remember it to be. 

Viva Pit Senyor
11AM-- I stayed in bed until I decided it has to be done. I had to take myself to the hospital. This is when I thought "If I'm gonna walk all the way to the hospital because the roads are closed, might as well bring my camera in case I bump into the parade."

Haha yup. I actually, stubbornly decided I can power through the pain and take some pictures along the way to the hospital. I even bumped into the Castros of the Palawan Pawnshop float, beso'd with Tita Ange and got our photo taken and had a quick chat with Bobbit. (Because when you see Palaweños somewhere else, you take a few seconds to catch up!)

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I was taking photos until 12noon, while still walking, when I decided it was a very bad idea. I was getting my condition worse. 

All I wanted to do was lay down and sleep the pain off. I didn't want to take painkillers since I thought it would be better to get examined by the doctor first without the drugs. 

After spending the afternoon in bed, I tried to muster all the strength I had left. I started walking to the hospital again. I was the only one on the streets wearing a white shirt without paint. In my head I thought I would lose it if someone tries to put paint on me. Wala ako sa mood. Masakit!

The Emergency Room
I was approached right away by nurses. I tried to tell the story of how it happened with a straight face but when I saw they were containing laughter, I started laughing to ease the tension. It was a very bizarre scene.

Fast forward through all the standard procedures, I was pushed in a wheelchair to the xray room. 

They took a round of scans of me lying down. Then this time arrived when they asked me which side hit the floor and that I should turn on that side so they can scan. 

Me: Nurse, kelangan ba talaga niyan? Sobrang masakit kapag tumatagilid ako eh. 
Nurse: Miss sorry kelangan talaga. Bilisan na lang natin.
Me: *crying through that entire thing*
Me: *most painful position ever*
Me: *realizes I wore the hospital gown backwards*
Me: *cries some more*

I would remember this moment for a long time! I wanted to laugh at myself for the hospital gown thing but I was feeling so much pain.

I had lots of down time resting on the hospital bed, which is when I wrote this post. 

The Verdict
According to the scans and the doctor, I do not have a broken/fractured bone. I couldn't believe my luck! I will most likely bruise in the butt/pelvic area and that's it. Thank God my butt fell first! This could have been way worse.

-Don't drink and top bunk
-Leave it to life to impose a full rest even if you don't want to
-Bunk beds with railings, please
-If you see it is a bad hostel, run
-No matter how convenient the location is, just run

More Good Stuff
Me and my other three roommates all sat in the room that afternoon to talk about how it could have happened. The person in the bottom bunk opposite my bunk bed said I hit their bunk bed first before I fell to the floor. I can't imagine how that happened! 

What, was I rolling off the bed so fast that I got thrown away that far?? It is a mystery! 

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