Film Processing, Delivery and More

January 29, 2016

Singapore In Film I
Singapore In Film I. Click the photo to see the set on Flickr.

After many days of "will I finally get to claim the package or will I once again have to wait the next day because I cannot go home early enough before the Post Office closes?", I finally got my scans and some new rolls from Triple D. I chose the to have them delivered at home but maybe I should have just put my office address instead since I'm here more than 12 hours a day anyway.

I have already set aside quite a few fresh rolls for my next solo trip. Hopefully, I can finally do it, but I won't even dare post about it here or in any social media platform again, because this trip has already been rescheduled three times now due to work. Because I keep on choosing money, that's why!* 

In case you're interested to know, I'm using a Pentax Spotmatic with Kodak Max 400 film for the photos in this set. Like what I said here, finding film here in Singapore is relatively easy. This particular film I was using, I bought at the Fairprice in Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Not a lot of good photos yet since my light meter is still not working, at least not until Kriz gets here this weekend for his layover. (I asked him to get me the phased out batteries, the Energizer 387S, from the US! I cannot wait!)

*I was kidding! I actually like my work and the people I work with in this current project. They're the best! More importantly, I don't want to leave the project without seeing to it that I finished what I started. 

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