Of Cash Cab and Winning

December 31, 2015

Graffiti art from a wall of The Circle Hostel Baler

Almost every night after work, I would sit on the bench in front of our flat for a few minutes. I will just sit there, spread my arms and look up at the sky. It would be stark black and filled with clouds. Come to think of it, I actually haven't seen stars from this part of Singapore. Come to think of it, I actually haven't seen stars IN Singapore, except from a balcony in Little India on Christmas Eve.

Just like many firsts, seeing those twinkling balls of gas gave me goosebumps. I have been working deadly hours this whole December. Like deadly deadly. I can count two full days when I didn't work for the whole month. This is why I can't help but still be grateful for every small win.

Those stars? Yup. Small win.

Speaking of wins... Oh hey Kriz and I won in Cash Cab Philippines! If you still haven't seen it, the replays will be airing on AXN Philippines until they start showing new episodes by January 9.

I have promoted this on my Facebook profile a few days leading into the premiere night because I was really proud of it. It gave me one of the moments I will remember for a long time. I call it my "defining moment" but alas, they cut all of that due to our already long air time. I will edit this post this weekend to include the behind the scene story of our overly excited reactions when we won.


I have been so used to having mostly guys in my circle of friends because of the industry I'm in that it almost feels weird whenever I make new girl friends.

Me: Tonix, ang sweet sweet ni Trina. Magba-bye lang sa akin, ganito: "Bye baby! *kisses cheek* Ingat ka pauwi! Happy New Year! Bye baby!"  

Tonix: Okay na yan! Pasalamat ka nga may tumatawag na sa'yo ng 'baby' ngayon! 

It could not be more true! It's been 3+ years of life-changing singlehood for me. Don't get me wrong, I loved every part of it! I got to spend time with myself and I had the chance to explore both places and other things. I started winning raffles and contests based purely on luck of the draw. (I never won those before!) I also made big decisions, decisions I couldn't have done if I was still tied in my long overdue 6-yr relationship.

But even after all that, I must admit, there are times when I want something more permanent. Let's see if anything will change in 2016, yeah? Happy New Year everyone!

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