Morena and Proud

December 05, 2015

Someone here in Singapore recently asked me if the Philippines as a nation is obsessed in having fair skin tone, as what is usually assumed of Asian countries from the Malay race. I said, before it really was a big deal and very evident. But now, I would like to think we, Filipinos, have already grown past that notion, and that slowly the local media is making its way to tell the masses that skin color should not really be a scale of beauty. I am very optimistic about this and because every skin color is beautiful!

Since I lived in Manila 10 years ago, it took me quite a while as a probinsyana to adjust to seeing a lot of fair-skinned people. It also didn't help that a lot of commercials and ad campaigns were all about equating fairness to skin health. But as I grew older, that's when I really learned by heart that whatever skin color I have is only an aesthetic part of me, and in no way defines my character. That realization turned into acceptance and then into confidence in wearing my skin color.

Reason why I suddenly had to type on my keyboard frantically about this is because I was just browsing the photos from a photowalk a few days after my last surfing trip in Baler, Philippines three months ago, and holy cow, I have never been this in love with my skin tone! Huge contrast to 10 years ago, when I would have panicked about being out in the sun for too long.

Back story: I was touring my visiting friend, Kriz, here in the city. It was blazing hot in Singapore around that time so I kinda had to force him to take my photos.

[Photo 1][Photo 2][Photo 3]

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