#NoRice And Why I Stopped

August 17, 2015

I did not eat rice because of the crabs. I ate crabs because I was finally going back to eating rice.

I know the exact moment when I realized I wanted to stop from over-eating. It was a Saturday-- I woke up at 11AM, cooked bacon, bought a 32-oz Iced Tea from 7Eleven. I went back home and I ate three plateful of rice with that. And then for dinner, I did the same thing. Six plates of rice, a lot of bacon and 64 ounces of Iced Tea. That was it. It was enough to make me feel so disgusted about my eating habits.

Rice is a big part of my entirety. A day without rice would usually make me cranky. As hard as it was, I gave up rice to make way for healthier options. Then I started jogging, and later added some exercise equipments in my regimen.

I did see improvements. For that duration, I felt so light. I was PMS-ing but never bloated like usual, even had the confidence to snap a pic and post on Instagram. 

Then at the two-week mark, I noticed the dress I wore wasn't as snug as it was during the many times I've worn it. When I got home, I rushed to my roommate's weighing scale, and slight panic ensued when I found out I lost 2 kilograms. 

I only wanted to get fit, not get *thin. I wanted to work on getting back my abs but I didn't want to lose my ass in the process. I was doing it all wrong. 

I consulted with a friend on what I should be doing instead so I'd get to my target. (Why the hell did I not ask expert people first before trying out things????) He said I shouldn't be jogging as much, I should lift more and rice was okay before night time.

And that is the story of how I tried to swear off rice, succeeded for 14 days and quit.

*I was very thin before and it wasn't pretty, trust me (and all of my friends because they keep saying so)

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