hello, world: Chapter 2 of 3

August 30, 2015

As promised by the title, well sort of, here's the second part. Unlike my previous "drawing" posts, I have already typed everything up to the last part of this very long blog post. I reckon the pills had something to do with this. Yes, let's blame the pills, shall we?

I say couch, as in couch potato, but I really mean the bed. Because more comfortable!!! Also, #hotdoglegs

It took me a while before I finally decided to buy myself a personal laptop. I couldn't torrent using my work laptop, and I didn't really want to spend that much time binge-watching, like what I normally used to do back in the days.

Well, as I've figured out, TV addiction is real, and just like any addiction, when you relapse, you fall into a hole much deeper than you were used to. Since I was on bench for a while before the next project, I fell back into watching. Good thing my shows haven't started from their break yet, so I didn't really miss that much. The bad thing? My exercise and library time have been swapped to TV series time. It was not a good replacement, I'm telling you. I think this could be why I'm sick.

As to the shows I binged watched (because again, no one calls it TV marathon now), here is the mini-list.

1. ANTM Season 22 - I love reality TV drama, okay!
2. UnREAL - Finally got into this. Very meta. Reality TV world is possibly also very dramatic in real life, and more likely more than dramatic than my programming world, but it can't possibly be THAT dramatic, right? Really, a death on the show and it doesn't gets cancelled??? And it wasn't like that recent Survivor death too that was caused by a challenge. This one was because **SPOILER ALERT** a contestant jumped off the roof! I hate people who spoil TV for me. Highlight that part before the exclamation point to view.
3. Parks and Recreation Season 6 - Rewatch
4. Blindspot - leaked pilot ep
5. Lucifer - leaked pilot ep; I have announced this on Twitter, but Lucifer is really gorgeous!!! I want to see more of him!
6. Minority Report - leaked pilot ep
7. Mr. Robinson - If you loved Daryl's character in The Office, you will like this. He gets to play someone who gets to play music on the show. His love interest, same as the girl protagonist in Minority Report. That girl is working hard!
8. Another Period - Keeping up with the Kardashians meets Downton Abbey. It's so absurd and cringe-worthy, I love it!
9. Impastor - new show about a con man, trying to pose as a pastor. I kinda liked it.
10. FRIENDS - Rewatch. And oh, it once saved my life.
11. The Office - Rewatch. I will never get tired of everyone in this show.
12. Wayward Pines - I said this was the best TV show of Summer '15, but I saw it before Mr. Robot.
13. Mr. Robot - Still having an inner argument with myself if this one should hold best show title, at least for me.
14. Halt and Catch Fire - AMC just keeps on shitting great shows. Where are they getting these hits??
That was a handful, and I don't even want to tell you when I exactly bought the laptop. I enjoyed watching Mr. Robot and Halt and Catch Fire for obvious reasons. It somehow touches with what I do to pay the bills and I get a lot of real life parallels, albeit not as intense as their television-hit-level storylines. (Sorry, no hot bosses nor hot programmers in my world! Hoping to see one in this lifetime!)

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