Unapologetic Positivity

July 14, 2015

Last night, or should I say early this morning, I passed out in front of my laptop while finishing up on work. That was around 4AM. Come 6AM, my alarm clock went off and I dragged myself to the bathroom. I had to wake up early for a client interview that was located two hours away from where I live.

To be exact, I got to the Changi Business Park an hour and a half earlier. I went to the nearest breakfast place I could see and took my time getting caffeinated. After all, the building I was going to wasn't really that far. When you get this snark from gothere.sg, you probably really should walk.

With 30 minutes more to spare, I walked the 5-minute estimated route. I took time to smell the flowers, and admire the trees. I got to the building with 15 minutes to spare. Then, it hit me. No guards? No reception? Where was I?

I hurriedly looked for a person, while at the back of mind I kept thinking there was no freakin' way I would be late for this interview. I woke up really early just to get there sooner. Finally, I saw someone walking towards his motorbike.

"May I know where's the reception area? I'm here for an interview."
"Who's the contact person?"
"It's this one." Then, I showed him the name of the contact from my phone.
"Hmm. I don't know him."
"He's in the IT Department." *OMG PLEASE TELL ME I'M IN THE RIGHT PLACE!*
"This is the wrong building, Miss." *

As a response, I laughed. Not because I was crazy or anything (ooor maybe I am idk) but because OF COURSE, something like this was bound to happen to me. Nothing ever comes easily nor without drama!

I asked for directions and as soon as I got off from the shock of it all, I ran towards where it was located. It was a 10-minute walk but my running slashed more than half off the time needed. Still, I got there 5 minutes late. On the way up inside the elevator, I said audibly: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, my ass! Screw Murphy's Law!"


"Hi, I'm Jen. I just ran from the other building. Thank you for the ice breaker!" *smiles*

The interview went really well. I went out of that building feeling really happy about what just happened. After all, I was 1 out of 2 people who got shortlisted among all the profiles submitted to that company. That in itself was enough for me to feel giddy. Although, I can honestly say I'll be sad if I didn't get it as I thought for sure they wanted to hire me right then and there.

Hurriedly, I went to start the long journey back to my current office in Ang Mo Kio. As my butt found an empty seat at the bus stop, I casually checked on my bank account thru my phone. I don't even know how to describe that moment. Tears rolled off as soon as I saw the balance. It was my first salary since I started working here, already deposited a day earlier than I was expecting.

And the icing on top? For all transit changes I had to make along the way, I got to the stop just in time for the train's/bus' arrival. That's the commuting equivalent of driving thru all green traffic lights!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm annoyingly positive for everything, more so this year, and I hope that I can rub some of it off to you too.

Tips for Interviewees
  • Running before an interview is a GOOD way to remove interview jitters. 
  • Expect a huge boost in confidence, and a lot of sweating, unfortunately. 
  • Always bring a pack of tissue.
  • DON'T forget to wear deodorant.
  • Smile.

*I eventually learned that the wrong address was given to me by the recruiter. There were two offices of the same company in that business park.

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