Where I Go To Get Waxed: Singapore Edition

July 02, 2015

You've seen the title. If you're a guy friend who would rather not know about things about me such as places I go to get waxed, take this as your cue to stop reading this post.

The moment I got here, one of the things I googled was "brazilian waxing in singapore" and then, followed closely by "cheap brazilian waxing in singapore." I gave myself a deadline because my friends from Manila planned on visiting during my third weekend and we all agreed on swimming at the Marina Bay Sands sky pool and/or at a beach in Sentosa.

Knowing full well how hard it was to find online reviews on waxing services here, let me list down the options I considered.

1. DIY Waxing
This was actually my first choice. I have done it on myself, at first out of necessity during my December 2014 holiday in Palawan. (Short backstory: There were virtually no waxing salons in Puerto Princesa. I looked everywhere! I found one that had them in their services menu but it was a salon specializing in nail care and they didn't have an available attendant to do the waxing. AND it was pretty expensive too! Strip Manila pricing levels, kaloka sila! Desperate me saw Epilin wax at Watson's and had a light bulb moment--"why don't I just DIY it?", I said rhetorically. Long story short, it was the most painful experience ever. It was so painful, I spent 2 hours trying to get the wax and hair off while crying at 2AM.) After that, I eventually got the hang of waxing myself and had been doing it until I left Manila. It meant shaving (pun!!!) off a thousand Pesos off my monthly expenses then.

Back to Singapore, I looked at Fairprice and all the Watsons I've passed by but I didn't find any Epilin or any hot wax variation. My best bet, there would be some in Sephora (???? Can anyone confirm??) or online shops specializing on depilatory waxes.

Cost: The price of the wax and comfort food, because if you're a first timer at waxing yourself, you will need ALL the comfort you can get AKA food.

2. Home-based Waxing Service
In my Google searches, this "home-based waxing" result appeared and it services those who are within the Ang Mo Kio area. I didn't get the chance to try it since they only allow appointments booked at least 2 days before the schedule. But in case you live in the area and want to try this out, here's the website.

Purplicious: The Wax House

Cost: A Brazilian wax is priced at SGD 50. For other services, check out the price list here.

3. Waxing Salons/Beauty and Wellness Spa
I tried calling more salons and spas in my proximity but most don't offer waxing services. I was quite tempted to just go to Strip, but not only is it really expensive, it is also far. I have also read posts on how the service won't make you feel like you got your money's worth. Then, I saw another listing on the internet, a beauty and wellness spa in Toa Payoh.

Blossom Beauty House

My waxing attendant was named Angie. The waxing experience was like just having a chikahan moment with a girl friend, except this girl friend was casually, yet carefully, stripping off hair after every sentence. I don't know if it's the wax they use or the technique, or maybe both, but I will say on record that that was the least painful waxing experience I've ever had. (Or IDK, are Manila waxers really just not as careful?!) By the end of the waxing session, I wanted to be best friends with Angie.

Cost: For first timers, a Brazilian wax is priced at SGD 38. Such a steal, right? However, the original price is SGD 98 for non-first timers. But fret not, there are packages you can avail wherein you can pay for 5 sessions and get a big discount, making the service cost around SGD 50-55 post-package discount.


I'm pretty sure I'll still always find myself near a body of water (#IslandGirlForever), and that means more waxing. I will update this post as soon as I get to try other waxing options here. Friends who are/were based in Singapore, feel free to chime in and share your hair-free secrets!

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