Sinulog 2015 from my iPhone 2G

January 28, 2015

To help me catch up to reality since I lost my phone, I had to rely on my first iPhone, which was recently reunited to me after lending it to someone. Since it was apparently still working, it's the one I'm currently using as my primary phone. I love it but it's basically just really for texts, calls and the iPod function. (No offense, old phone, but I couldn't really do anything with you since every app out there runs on iOS that's a lot higher than what you're on. Plus, there is no front cam. I repeat, there is no front camera in an iPhone 2G!) So before the year 2014 entered, I have already decided on buying an iPhone 5C, and ditching Sinulog festival instead, all because I thought I couldn't survive without a smart smartphone.

Alas, my itchy feet couldn't imagine staying in Metro Manila for the long weekend doing nothing. I bought someone else's plane ticket less than 12 hours before the flight, made a quick fake ID (ho-hum I want to delete this part but no one really reads this blog anyway so the fake ID bit stays) and hurriedly packed my luggage for a 5-day stay in Cebu.

I don't wanna delve into the specifics but I want to emphasize that I really, really had a good time. Sinulog 2015 was one for the books. I'll definitely go back next year. <Insert more travel-rave euphoria statements here> And in lieu of my usual smartphone travel photos, I still tried snapping some pics using my old phone. They're not the most brilliant photos, technically speaking, but the memories attached to them make them justifiable for a blog post.

If you ask me whether Sinulog was worth not having a new smartphone today, I'd say, "HELL YEAH!" And I'd spontaneously go again in a heartbeat.

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