January 25, 2015

Last year, all my extra money went to traveling. I became so addicted to it that I forwent every other luho I used to spend money on. (eg., bikini, shoes, makeup, gadgets, even clothes)

It was the year I didn't buy a pair of bikini, unlike the preceding years when I'd have at least two new pairs for a weekend beach trip; The great shoe haul of 2013, when I brought back to Manila 14 pairs of shoes from Singapore, made it easy to keep me from buying new pairs last year; I wore less to no makeup (okay, except when out partying) because I couldn't afford to replenish my stock; Last time I considered buying a new camera lens was in 2013. I lost my lens cap so now I'm keeping my camera in a ziploc bag. I guess I can afford a new lens cap but I didn't want to tempt myself by going inside a camera store.

Clothing, on the other hand, was probably the easiest luho withdrawal struggle. I couldn't buy new clothes but I have Kriz, and Kriz handed me down 20+ barely used shirts. Yes, guy shirts! Who needs a boyfriend to steal loose shirts from when you have good friends who'd willingly give them? 

I have compiled in this post the OOTDs while wearing some of these shirts. I had to cut several of them because cropped tops are a staple, at least for me, during festivals.

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