Commitments, Or Lack Thereof

January 24, 2015

After two years of being commitment-less, this cute one came into my life. It's not exactly a boyfriend, but I could already tell it's way better.

Last month, I told my high school friends about potentially adopting a friend's newborn puppy. They all told me it's a bad idea. Today, I told my college best friends that I just became a pet owner. They were all skeptic about it. The thing is, I really cannot blame them. I, too, think this was a bad idea.

During the past two years, I only thought about myself and about how I could make myself happy, consequences be damned. My motivation to heal myself from a heartbreak overcame any fear I had. But earlier today when my friend dropped off the pup, I was legitimately afraid. Thoughts like "How is this dog gonna survive when I travel?", "I NEED to clean my room/the house" and "This dog could die because I'm too irresponsible." popped in my head. The truth is, even until now that he's sleeping *beside me on my lap, I'm still arguing with myself if I can really commit to this.

I want to make this work.

*he woke up, jumped out of his litter box and slept on my lap. Ahh my heart! T_T

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