BGC Passion Fest 2014

December 07, 2014

In #133 on Reasons Why I Love Bonifacio Global City (BGC), is their advocacy to keep the Filipino culture alive, while embracing progress. They just find ways how to make a holiday as festive as it can get in an urban setting, and make people involved in the process. Last weekend, in celebration of Andres Bonifacio's birthday, BGC's Filipino hero namesake, they held the second BGC Passion Fest. As expected, it was a modern fiesta that was executed very well. It had all the aspects of a fiesta you could think of. (There was even a Pabitin game, you guys!)

The Culture

I only got to spend time in the area on November 30, which I also happen to think was the best day to visit since it was the last day AND it was Bonifacio Day. It was also the day when the parade was set. Who doesn't love street dancing? If it were up to me, people should be dancing everywhere they go.

It's no Sinulog, but it was a nice change of scenery to the usual budding business center. I didn't do my research so I don't know if this was a competition. If it wasn't, they should totally exploit the inner competitiveness of Pinoys and make it a barangay street dance competition or something. Some dancers were not really in character, which is only why I said that. But hey, some group of dancers were actually fantastic, too!

The Food

For the munchies, a street intersecting Bonifacio High Street was closed to give way for food stalls by the Mercato Centrale usuals to set up shop. I don't have a lot of photos since I was too busy eating my lechon and deep fried chicken skin but of course, every food stall was a hit. Everyone loves Mercato and the street food vibe!

The Art

There were many interactive spots all over Bonifacio High Street: Pinoy street games with a twist at every corner, enlarged carnival games, umbrella-themed installations, but my most favorite would have to be the Chalk Art Walk. Everyone could participate!

Technically, they could just draw whatever they wanted, but I liked that every kid and kids-at-heart made it to a point to insert their nationalism to their chalk art. I didn't know who they were but I was proud of them all. Ahh and I wished I was gifted at drawing too. I wasn't so I just took photos.

And here's my personal favorite: Baymax Bonifacio! How cute is that! Tell me that's not the cutest thing you've ever seen drawn in chalk!

The Other Art

There were two walkways dedicated for people who wanted to sell their artworks and their hand-crafted items  I bought an earring and my friend bought hand drawn stickers. Apart from that, there were paintings and more handicrafts. If I had money to spare, I might have bought more. These artists need more support so they could continue with their craft.

The Show

To culminate the three-day event, they staged a variety show showcasing talented people. To start off, there were these acrobat duo who can bend and bend and stretch some more. I was not breathing every time they would do something. And there was some phenomenal core strength shown, too!

Then there was a puppet show that was also a magic show. I thought it would be too pambata for me, but I cracked up just as much as a kid would. Like what I said during his performance-- Benta!

Then there was the cultural dance group that performed regional dances. It sure reminded me of the days when I competed in folk dance competitions. They were good! And, uh, I want the balancing skills of this woman! Mad props for keeping it cool!

After this, we actually already left. I know there was a singing group that followed but we were too exhausted, I guess, from the walking (and the eating) that we decided to head home after seven hours of the Passion Fest, and after having one last bite.

I think next year would be bigger and better. Let's all wait and see until then!

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