New Year's Bliss

December 31, 2014

This will be short and sweet.

Last New Year's eve, I made a New Year's resolution and, boy, am I glad to report that I was able to fulfill them! I was able to travel more frequently than I planned and rave like it was my life. I found time to nurture my relationships with family and friends. I finally went on that solo trip adventure abroad and got to learn a lot about myself. On top of it all, I got a little bit more than lucky on several raffles. (I used to never win raffles!)

I am leaving both Puerto Princesa City in a few hours and left 2014 without my trusty smartphone, but my only frustration there is that I haven't backed up my recent Singapore trip's photos and videos. I didn't anticipate losing it in the place I felt most safe. The irony, ano? But even with that, I still left the year fulfilled and without regrets because I know I lived it the most colorful way possible. There's just no amount of negative energy that can dampen how I spent 2014!

This new year, I have made another set of resolutions, and you can bet on it that I will find a way to make them happen too. *bliss*

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