I hate that I'm always late

November 12, 2014

In a very unsurprising turn of events, I almost got left by my international flight. Now, before you say anything, I'll beat you to it-- I'm an irresponsible frequent flyer. I already know this, you don't have to tell me. 

Everyone who has flown with me know I'm always an airport buzzer beater, arriving at the very last minute just as the check-in counter is closing. It became worse when I started using the airlines' Web Check-in feature. I'd arrive just in time to board the plane.

This flight was different however. I was in the cab, stuck in the famous airport road traffic, fully knowing that I won't make it in time this time. No amount of charm could possibly get me to my plane, I was so sure. I was on the verge of tears, I kid you not, praying the mightiest I have prayed for a plane delay. I even threw in a promise, or two, that I'll never ever subject myself to that kind of stress again. It was, plain and simple, one of the worst feelings I have ever felt. In the positive side of things, I had a story to tell at the end of the day. I also got to kill time in-flight by writing all that happened. Because really, who could sleep through all that adrenaline rush?

Where did things go wrong? Here's what you should know. 
- NAIA Terminal 4
- Did Web Check-in
- Boarding time was at 3:40PM
- I was coming from work (Mckinley Hill)
- I issued myself a 3PM hard stop (at working) to go to the airport 

1:00PM - I was copying a work application and backing up files synchronously. The files were about 40Gb and 25Gb, respectively

2:15PM - I sent out my last work email from MNL (This is because I'll have to continue work stuff when I get to KL)

2:30PM - A code fix was approved. Since the files were still copying/moving, I thought "Hey, might as well do the code fix!"

2:50PM - Code fix: done. Data transfer: 12 minutes remaining

3:00PM - My supposed hard stop. The work files were still copying. 6 minutes remaining.

3:05PM - I apparently took out the wrong pastry pasalubong from the office pantry fridge. My friend Diann, got the correct one. I peed. 6 minutes remaining.

3:10PM - Focusing in front of the laptop, hoping my seriousness would make the data transfer faster. 3 minutes remaining.

3:11PM - Panicking just about now. Data transfer rate shot up by a few MBs. 1 minute remaining.

3:12PM - Data transfer done! Wore my backpack, laptop bag and the pastry bag. Ran like hell, while wearing heels.

3:13PM - Longest elevator wait in the entire world.

3:15PM - Finally, got inside the elevator. Of course it had to stop at every floor.

3:17PM - Ran outside. Hailed a cab. Just like the pros that they were, "sobrang trapik dun ma'am, plus 50 tayo."

You see, I was already so stressed then. I agreed without arguing. 

Some time between 3:17PM-3:50PM - I couldn't get myself to look at the time. I knew I wasn't going to make it. 

3:50PM - Looked at my phone to check the time. Paid the driver. Got out of the cab. Tried to run to the International Airport entrance. Forgot I was carrying heavy stuff so the first few strides were wobbly. 

At the door, I was greeted by the guard and a female Air Asia land crew. Apparently, they were waiting for me to arrive! They told me to do every pre-departure step in a hurry and run towards the boarding gate. I, then, literally dumped all of my things on conveyor belt and then frantically searched my wallet for travel tax and terminal fee. The Immigrations counter was a breeze, too! In every counter they said the same thing, "Takbo na po kayo pagkatapos nito."

3:57PM - By far the fastest pre-departure process I've done. I was the last passenger to board. 

And that was the story of how I almost got a heart attack. I would like to say "never again" but I'd rather just really try to work on my time-balancing and tardiness than make false promises to myself. 

Key Takeaways:
  1. No matter what time it is, the airport road will ALWAYS have heavy traffic. LEAVE EARLY.
  2. NAIA Terminal 4 (International flights) look a lot cleaner than the last time I saw it. Good to see the renovations doing its job--making our airport a little less shabby.
  3. Air Asia is awesome! Last minute booking KUL-MNL-KUL only costed 4.6K, plus the fact that they waited for me. :3
  4. The NAIA Terminal 4 staff were all very nice. I wanted to hug all of them.
  5. Solo flying is always fun and I get to write in-flight.  

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