Remember September?

October 08, 2014

Some days, I don't want to see people. Even the smallest of small talk just takes so much energy. I'd rather curl up and watch my TV shows, which was what I did during most of my September. In my defense, I have been doing so many things months prior and I felt the need to slow down and let things fleet for a while.

Travel Schmravel

My monthly flight to elsewhere got cancelled due to the really bad weather (It was Signal no. 3 in Cagayan Valley!) so I had to say goodbye to the dream of setting foot to my second Survivor (US) location this year. Second and third, if we are getting technical since there were two seasons shot there. Heh. Safety issues aside, I was okay with it. It felt like I already maxed out on my solo travel adventure for the year anyway.

(Haha yes, it was a solo trip and I planned on going camping by myself... in Palaui Island of all places. Pre-typhoon, when no one I asked had a tent I could borrow, I took it as another sign that going there wasn't for me that month.)


Aside from the TV binge, I went on a lot of tiring photowalks and "hole in the wall" eats to make up for the missed opportunity to explore and to get out more. Although I still very much enjoy my solo Sunday photowalks in BGC, I feel much safer shooting on the streets with friends. Luckily, a friend also cancelled his local flight due to the bad weather. Instantly, I had a photowalk buddy who was also very frustrated to get his wanderlust on.

Mahal kong Maynila

I always say and write Maynila with a "y" for emphasis that I'm talking about the city of Manila, and not Metro Manila as a whole. It makes me have to explain less where I shot the photos. Or idk if I'm actually saving time because there are still a lot who ask me why I say and write it that way. Ho-hum.

During this Maynila photowalk, we mainly concentrated on graffiti art located all around the walls in Maynila. We first went to the walls near TUP, and walked all the way to Manila Zoo. After taking a lot of photos, it started to rain so I had to tuck my camera back to the bag. From there on out, I just used my phone's camera.

We were supposed to go to another school mural but we just decided to wander aimlessly. Eventually, we ended up inside CCP Complex, where we watched men with their fishing lines, catching as much tilapia as they can before the rain falls too hard.

We, then, walked along Roxas Boulevard for some street photography and circled back to Ermita while we were at it. Being that we must have walked for more than 10km (or maybe longer, I have poor sense of distance but that was faaar), we quickly looked for the first "hole in the wall" joint we could find.

As of writing, I still have draft posts of the first Maynila photowalk we did a few months back. I never got to publish them but since they're almost finished, even with the untimeliness, I might still post them for the photos.

QC What I See

Quezon City, on the other hand was like a walk in the park. Okay, maybe because we only went to UP Diliman (UPD) and Maginhawa Street. There are other parts of Quezon City that's on the list but we'll get to that after we've done a lap on other Metro Manila cities.

A trip to UPD is not complete without a visit to the Shopping Center. We found this optical shop that also sells vintage camera. And of course, we had to eat at Rodic's. Mang Larry's Isawan was a sure stop, as well as the dirty ice cream fix.

To get a dose of art, we visited the Vargas Museum inside the campus. It's not a big museum, with only two levels. The first level showcased the collection of Jane Ryan and William Saunders in postcard display. You get to keep two postcards for free, if you want. The second level housed Juan Luna paintings, creepy art installations and carts of novelty items from the 90's, which was really cool. Too bad I couldn't take a photo since they don't allow photography inside the Level 2 gallery.
Museum Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday | 9AM - 5PM
Entrance Fee: Php20
For dinner, we took a jeepney and then a tricycle to Maginhawa Street near Philcoa. We made a lap to see the restaurants and finally went back to the first restaurant we eyed on.

The rest of this long day I have already talked about here.

Photowalk Tips

These are the things I usually do whenever I go out for photowalks. Feel free to share yours! :)
  • Dress comfortably
  • I like to not eat breakfast before going on a photowalk. Bad tip, I know! Haha. I like trying out food from every place we wander off to
  • There will be times when you'll get conscious to take a photo of something when there are other people. Just take the photo! They don't know you anyway. You might miss out on getting that shot.
  • Be wary of your surroundings. There will be some shady places where you'd have to rethink pulling out that camera. 
  • Be one with the locals. If there are people who you can interact with, it's much better to get their perspective. If you're lucky, you might even get an anecdote or two from them. 
  • Experience the place before trying to shoot it. This prevents you from having what they call the "tunnel vision." 
  • Have fun (lol of course)

Hermit, Demmit

For a few days, I wasn't speaking to people. I wasn't answering calls and the unread messages in my inbox reached 75. I won't write about it here since I have already vented this out to my close friends and to my private blog/journal where I now write unfiltered. Try as I may to be outgoing, the introvert part of me still manages to surface every now and then.

And that's how I practically coasted through September. It has been both a lazy and a tiring month. (Okay, lazy relatively to the other months of 2014)

P.S. I must have missed writing! I wrote all this in one sitting... under 30 minutes... using my phone (then edited on my computer for formatting and photos, but still)

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