Wanted: Cinema Buddy

February 20, 2013

Lazy boy seats in Eastwood Ultra Cinema. [Photo: source]
First, let me tell you 15 cinema facts about myself. Yes, fif-frickin-teen. I couldn't, for the life of me, narrow them down. Too many pet peeves.

  1. I ask for seats that are within the eye level. Unless of course the cinema is sold out and I have to painstakingly take a seat at the first three front rows or at the side.
  2. I like to play the unofficial trailer title guessing game. Sometimes, I get competitive with the other moviegoers and I try to guess the title before they do. Jerk move, I know. 
  3. I do not talk during parts of the movie where my voice could overlap movie dialogue, therefore reducing chances of inaudibility.
  4. I appreciate a good movie musical score. I especially love when it can move me to tears. (e.g., Kick-Ass)
  5. I don't hog the shared armrest.
  6. I love action movies. I'm more likely to watch them than drama movies in the big screen. 
  7. I always have a bucket of buttered popcorn with me, preferably Tater's. If this is your favorite flavor, you're in luck!
  8. I love going to cinemas that have a nice movie-going crowd. (i.e., people who know when to laugh, applaud, or give a standing ovation, AND people who know when to be dead silent)
  9. Although I have my must-watch-on-the-big-screen movies, every now and then I like to mix it up with corny and/or feelgood movies IF there's money to spare. 
  10. I don't make unnecessary and unrelated comments unless I see a character that's also in another show  I watch. I try to do it quietly unless it's a surprising cameo appearance.
  11. I turn my head and glare at noisy, inconsiderate people until they feel uncomfortable.
  12. I keep my phone in silent, ALWAYS. 
  13. I appreciate a sensible debate should there be open-ended endings, but only AFTER the movie finishes.
  14. I wait until the ending credits finish because I believe the movie must be watched in its entirety. Also, just so I would not miss any bonus scenes at the very end.
  15. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I believe in KKB
Obviously, for a movie buddy, I'd also like the same. I'm not expecting to find anyone with exactly the same likes and dislikes so I'm just putting this list out there for reference.

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