On Villanueva's Senatorial Candidacy

February 20, 2013

When I wake up, one of the first things I do is to check on my Twitter feed for news. I don't have a television so this keeps me up with the current events. Today, my feed did refresh instantly and it got stuck on tweets from 10 hours ago.

Here's what I thought and posted on my Tumblr.

Here is a man that went to vie for the presidential seat twice in the past decade. Both times, he lost. 
I think someone with moral leadership is a good fit to run a government that places high on the corruption scale. However, I also think he shouldn’t have ran for presidency both times, not just yet. 
Even with the promises of running the country by strengthening good governance through morality, it is still not enough to make people really clasp on the idea that he will do great. Not everyone can have and put that much faith on a man. 
I haven’t read that much about his background but I do know that unlike actors and actresses that suddenly turn to politics, he actually has the education and leadership experience in his resume to actually be worth the consideration.  
Now that he’s running for a Senate seat, he has every chance to prove how he can serve the public using the same ideals on his presidential platform. I am hoping that the Filipinos could give this man his chance. 
I’m not JIL nor do I care about his religious affiliation. I think he’s a good candidate and if only I could vote, I’d vote for him.

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