How to insert a sim card to a Globe Tattoo stick

October 14, 2012

As Instagram'd last Friday, I recently got the overdue Globe Tattoo stick from my company. Long overdue, because I was supposed to receive it almost 2 years ago. I never got an email to claim the dongle and mobile phone I requested.

I have seen other dongles before (er, stick? sheesh both sound dirty) but this newly issued broadband stick looked different. It was sleek and it didn't have the sim card slot opening that I was used to. And like any other clueless person out there, I thought there was a free pre-inserted sim card in there. Alas, when I connected it to my PC, the Globe Broadband application recognized the device but kept telling me there was no sim card inserted.

I Googled and found several Yahoo Asks, how-to guides, and instructional videos (not for Globe Tattoo) but I didn't quite get the instructions. And then, after a few more minutes of fiddling, I finally got it! So in an effort to be helpful to those who are googling for a guide, I documented it for your ease.

First, uncap the dongle.

Then, you'll see the arrow pointing downwards. No, this is not an arrow for the cap, like what I previously thought. 

Next, push really hard. The first time you do this, the lock will have to be more tight. I remembered already pushing this at my first attempts but I was doubtful and was afraid to push harder 'cause it my break. Also, please pardon my nail. T_T 

Finally, insert the data sim card in the slot as illustrated.  

Et voila! 

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