Ang Reyna ng Jumpshots

June 13, 2012

Disclaimer: Title coined by the juanrepublic here. I do not claim to be the best of it as I could think of many people who are a lot better but it's nice to see people actually liking this certain photo collection of me. Also, I get to be the queen for once so yay!

Doing jump shots has been my thing whenever I go swimming. You see, I don't actually "swim", not because I don't like to but because I don't know HOW. Yes, You can always call me the Palawenian Who Can't Swim.

So there I was, on a beach somewhere, wearing a cute two-piece swimsuit. Of course I'll have to produce a picture that would make me remember the place. And since camwhoring in swimsuits is something I couldn't actually just post around and be proud of, I started doing this thing that would catch attention (hello, this is miss attention whore!) and something that not everyone could do, hence my jump shots.

I think this started around summer before my 2nd year in college. Kaso hindi pa uso non ang DSLR kaya camera phone lang gamit ko. Back then, I was still too shy to do it. I would place my phone on a stable platform and set the timer so that no one would have to see me doing silly poses and jumps.

Fast forward to my first summer getaway with my officemates in my first year working, I got this photo.

La Union Year 1

It was hyped the moment I posted it. I got comments and compliments. But I do realize now that I do better jumps now.

Then beach trip after beach trip, I simply won't return home without one.


Even tried doing this really classy twirls which eventually became one of my favorites too.


Also, one with props. It did not came out as good as I pictured it to be. But I gave up trying since I was too tired from all the jumping, also I was the one photographing everyone that time. (Read: If you love me and want to see me do better, bring cameras haha)

Bataan 2
There were more photos I could post. Somewhere in my hard drive, there are jump shots from Boracay and Puerto Galera. But I decided to not post them all. Primarily because it's a jump you've already seen. Secondly, I'm too lazy to rummage through all my files so I relied on Facebook for what you see here.

Honestly, I'm already getting bored with my shots. I need to learn more styles and ways to flex and bend my body. You see, I'm not classically trained in ballet. You may see the still shots being graceful-ish but it's really different from reality where I'm rather like a kiti-kiti who can't keep still.

This next one, was from Laiya. Seriously, this bikini is getting the most jump shot mileage. Every beach trip, I bring at least two pairs. This orange pair I bought from House of Vanita, I always bring as backup. Can you guess why? Yes, I DO have other pairs. Many pairs in fact. I used to think I had to buy another pair for every beach trip so now I have lots. And of course, the moment I pick my ass to do these shots would be the time I'm coincidentally wearing the backup bikini.

Laiya, Batangas

Sometimes, I tame them down when I'm with other people.

La Union Year 2

Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

 I actually tried this next one, without thinking what I'd do. I was a bit pressured. I was being shot by two people and I felt like I had to do something spectacular so they won't get disappointed. I knew I had to do something different, or else it would defeat the purpose of doing the same exact thing, just on a different beach, won't it?

Baler, Aurora

Turned out good, I should say. This was basically how I got started in doing these shots. Just jumping, letting everything go and bending everything in my body that I can. 

Sometimes, it's seeing the lovely output, like this, that make me crave and do something better. I now know that one of my short term goals is to re-learn doing splits so I can do it mid-air. Also, think of other ways to be creative. I may not be trained to do this but if there's one thing that could help me, it's my passion. I'm sure it would be difficult, but it's something you should watch out for.

P.S. I need to take my other swimsuits to the beach to make more jump shots. Isama nyo ko?  :)
P.P.S. In case you're wondering, (or not!) I buy swimsuits from Soak Swimwear and House of Vanita. I bought two from Nudo Swimwear, but I'm only using one since the other does not fit me well.

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  1. My blog's analytics brought me here. Haha!

  2. pag di talaga kagandahan todo sa effort

    1. Yup, ganyan talaga! :) Show yourself so we can discuss how good looking you are, Anon.

  3. grabe ka naman ang sama mo ikaw na maganda bruha ka