What Moisturizer?

April 10, 2012

For my second Spanish Peeling process, I asked my dermatologist what I can do the make the peeling go faster. He answered, "The secret is to not make the peeling noticeable, a good moisturizer can do that."

That right there can cover my entire face. Do note that I have skinny hands so the amount is relative.
He then suggested an over-the-counter drugstore moisturizer that I never thought would change the way I feel about moisturizers. It's a common name so I'm sure you'll recognize, and in case, like me, you are also living under a rock, I also included photos below.

Oh, it's Cetaphil moisturizer by the way!

You see, before this, I was only familiar with the facial wash. And if you are also familiar with them, you'd recall that the packaging has a off-white/blue/green color palette. So silly me, went looking at Mercury Drug for the same. I was so unsure when I saw a Cetaphil moisturizer, boxed in pink and off-white, however was afraid to ask if there was another one. (Read: Easily intimidated by sales attendants)

Been using it for a month, hence the condition of that box
Easily, after one application, I fell in love with how it locked the moisture in. It was not greasy on the face, like how Myra gets after a couple of hours, and a little goes a long way. I wanted to test it first before I rave about it here but then I got so hooked that I never got to post about it.

Price: PHP468 at Mercury Drug. Quite pricey for drugstore moisturizer, I know, but it is worth every cent.
Will I  buy this again? In a heartbeat! I just need to find a way how I can consume all this.

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