The Broke Girl Challenge: Week 1

April 10, 2012

Do I need to explain this? Are there even people who don't watch Two Broke Girls? But just in case you need a primer, here's Tin's post, because I'm feeling a bit lazy (and tired). Also, I do realize that in order to be on the same page with TBG, I should also have money coming in, aside from money from my day job. Else, my total would forever be on zero, unless I also commit to save.

Yes, there are apps out there that could certainly help make me aware of my expenses, but I tried that for two weeks, since January 2, 2012, and then I stopped. So here I am, pressuring myself to commit in front of everyone who might be reading.

Day 1

Expense tracker app brought to you by Piggie.
Hi, I'm Jenn, and I'm trying to save. Really bad start, wouldn't you agree? With one craving, I suddenly made myself 120 pesos poorer. I can't  pass by Bread Talk and not buy a cheese floss, or two. So now, I'll just remove that route completely. NO MORE MARKET! MARKET! STOPOVERS.

As for my food situation, I long for the day my mini-fridge would finally get fixed. It's such a hassle to cook for one, and turns out to be more expensive too, that's why I often resort to fastfood. But really, I want to make an effort to go to the talipapa nearby to buy fresh produce, and then cook once for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do I have enough willpower?

And last but not the least, my morning commute total up to PHP55. Absurd price, when I can really just make it PHP16 every morning. It's just really hard to convince myself that walking isn't a chore, especially in the morning.

On a totally random note, I end Day 1 with a Walgreens "I Walk" quote:

"I walk to save 39 Pesos."

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