Revisiting a Game-Changer in TV History and Some Life Musings

March 11, 2021

In the age of multiple streaming sites and Roku, I'm constantly undergoing the phenomenon called paradox of choice. So many options and at the same time I don't want to invest my downtime periods watching something that's not good, subjectively of course. 

That's why these days HBOMax has been my go-to, instead of Netflix, for their TV and movie selection which doesn't include formulaic teeny bopper plots and no auto-playing of trailers that give away everything about the storyline. Last night, while scrolling through the menu, I decided to click on an original HBO title that took everyone into another world called Westeros. 

Funnily, in my memory I thought this show aired about 6 years ago. I asked Alexa which year this show had premiered and I was legitimately shocked when she responded with "2011". On April 17, 2021 this show is officially 10 years old. How does that make you feel? 

Another question: Where were you 10 years ago? 

I know exactly where I was. This time last year, I did my first big career move. From spending two years working as a technical support representative, I moved into SAP ABAP programming by asking a Department Manager to take me on his team. This time last year, I was rehearsing an intermission group dance number for an upcoming Town Hall with the SAP Practice team. The song remix ended in Taeyang's Wedding Dress. 

I attended a week-long SAP ABAP programming basics bootcamp, which I eventually learned was a lot quicker than the bootcamps ran by the company's competitor System Integrators. I remember being so confused at the terminologies and the transactional user interface because I was used to IDEs and different programming languages from my college years. It's fascinating to remember knowing nothing and innocently diving into an uphill battle.

More than the vivid memories, I remember the feeling I had a decade ago because of how strong it was and even addictive. Craving for that same feeling is what makes me want to constantly challenge my status quo. As an end-result, it has also given me growth in various areas.

At the time, something bigger was happening so I don't remember exactly when I first watched this show. I'm sure I had to torrent it to watch it in Manila, and that week after week I tuned in 12 hours later after it had aired in the US.

This show will age well and 10 years later, the pilot episode still wows to the point where it's easy to forgive tiny plot logic holes. I loved seeing Ned Stark again and the young and innocent Stark kids with their direwolves. (Lady! 😢) Young Joffrey was as repulsive as his older version and I'm again reminded of how annoyingly bratty Sansa is. Knowing what I know now, I am looking at the cast who I know are going to be offed soon or later in a much different light and attention.

I can't wait to read the final book of this series to see how GRRM will finish a truly epic story of the game of thrones. 

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