March 29, 2021

I'm finally doing it. 

During the height of Covid-19 lockdowns, I was always anxious and conscious about using all the newfound free time for something more sensible than binge-watching TV. After much planning on when to start (so I can end at a date that's significant to me) and then foiling said plans because work and life are still very much a thing, I finally went for it last night. Since I pressed that Tweet button, I have butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

I chose Python because there are so many things that it can do. Many programs you see out there, whether web-based or in a mobile app are coded with Python as the underlying language. Over time, this language has also been getting a bigger share of programmers using it. That's important because that means the language and all the IDEs and tools will all continuously improve.

And not really high up on the list, but another reason is because a lot of the built-in modules were built using C-Language, which was my language of choice back in college. Not that I'm still familiar with it now. Sometimes, it's nice to have that continuity.

Not going to lie, I'm still experiencing a lot of difficulties figuring out how to structure my syntaxes. It's definitely a big shift from coding in SAP ABAP, which is very much line-by-line. There was an object-oriented side to ABAP which is more similar to Python, but I didn't really go deep with it because of how complicated it gets in SAP. Python, on the other hand, makes everything looks so easy. Gone are the days where I have to write long lines of code to remove unwanted characters from a string. In Python, I can do that by merely typing exactly 8 characters + the character I want to remove. 

This example is very specific because I wracked my head trying to code the way I've been used to from the recent years, only to find out that all I had to do was to add .strip() 

It's too early to say. I'm in Day 1 and today about to start my Day 2 exercise. *crossing fingers*

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