Unfinished Business #3: Pulau Ubin in Film

May 28, 2020

For this *instalment, I will take you back even earlier--Welcome to 2016 and the time I was avidly shooting in film! I just turned one year in Singapore then and already had a good set of colleagues-turned-friends. This post is a lot less dramatic and is pretty chill on the word count. I will go ahead and let you enjoy the photos. And yes, even the film photos are already all uploaded here in the Draft. I just never clicked on the Publish button. Admittedly, I think I was supposed to caption the photos but didn't get to it. Now I don't know what I wanted to write there so I will keep it as is.

*I say instalment but I dropped all three posts on the same day because my EQ is asking not to be worked out today. I don't care about optimal posting time anymore, especially since the stats say my readership is more global than ever. Also, I need to do these now so this series can see the light of day! 

Let this be the time to learn riding a bike (*coughs* Jopaw) and time to see things through.


Date Written:  July 12, 2016 

Note: All photos taken using my Pentax Spotmatic and expired Kodak Gold 200 film

Pulau Ubin, when translated from Malay, means 'Granite Island.' It is an island off the Northeast coast of Singapore. Unlike the glitzy and glamorous Singapore portrayed in the book Crazy Rich Asians, this island is home to conserved wildlife and is largely free from urban development. Read more about it here.

Bike rentals go as low as S$2 to S$8 for a whole day use. There are many bike shops to choose from. Take your pick. 

Finally, after a year in Singapore, I get to go to Pulau Ubin for the first time.

As luck would have it, one of my two companions during this mini trip don't know how to ride a bicycle. Apparently when you're already at our age, teaching someone to ride a bicycle doesn't just happen in an instant, unlike when we were younger.

If you want to explore the island, I suggest you rent one as going on foot will only tire you out. Rent a bike and then stop to take photos

Admittedly, this trip to Pulau Ubin wasn't as maximised as I wanted it to be. Good thing it's a short bumboat ride away. Bring water and mosquito repellant.

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