Unfinished Business #1: Will The Real Rob Thomas Please Stand Up

May 28, 2020

This was a draft from last year and I only again stumbled on it now. I don't know how to continue writing this review, if you can call fan-girling that. FYI this series got a whooping 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. As far as good TV is concerned, the review I was trying to do below was completely warranted. I haven't finished watching iZombie and I want to try and check it out again when I have extra time. 

For now, here's the unedited and unfinished article. Because I'd rather post it as is so you can all see how much of a flake I can be sometimes. Contrary to my blog name, I don't never blog. I just don't hit Publish or don't finish writing at all and I'm trying to shame myself into changing.


Date Written:  August 2019 

I was writing a text-heavy series of Instagram Stories and a Twitter thread on the current TV show that gives me joy. In the end, I decided not to hit the post button. Does anyone even read those things?

After a long time of seeing its tile on Netflix's front page, I finally started watching iZombie. The short version: It's underrated. Go, watch it!

Watching this show, I always get a feeling of nostalgia and warmth. It's like getting an amnesia and getting to watch one of my favourite TV shows again for the first time. I didn't really get why, until I was already in Season 2.

I was too lazy to press Skip Intro and for the first time, I saw who created this show. 

Spoiler: It was Rob Thomas. 

It's the same Rob Thomas who created my beloved Veronica Mars. Not to be confused by other Rob Thomas, lead singer of Matchbox 20. (I'll get to that in a bit!) No wonder, it felt so familiar and nostalgic. Since I found out, I saw more and more subtle similarities like how they would film the scenes when the lead star Rose McIver (Liv Moore) does her snooping. 

I loved that there were VMars references until suddenly Keith Mars went onscreen as a policeman. We get a Kristen Bell cameo too when a character in the show had a celebrity read for her audiobook. How awesome is that! 

But that was not enough! All throughout Season 2 we hear Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas being referenced by name (because he's a singer) which I thought was so hysterical and was a funny dig at the TV show creator Rob Thomas. Then lo and behold, they actually got him to perform in the show by the end of Season 2 as himself! Basically by the time they were playing the live acoustic version of Unwell, I was in TV show heaven. As a bonus, I read that Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas and his wife are big fans of this show since Season 1, and he was happy to do that cameo.

Aside from all the VMars references, it would be remiss to say 

The writing and detail recall are good, which . 

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