Going Bikini-Ready Forever

December 27, 2016


Let me say it again... Wow.

Without beating around the bush (heh), let me say it's only my fourth session for Brazilian laser hair removal, and my hair down there is nearly gone. I can't believe it.

Okay, let's go deeper into details.

The treatment I get done is called E-Light. You haven't heard about it? Well, before I got it for myself I haven't either. I even somewhat thought my waxing technician was just making it up to get more money from me. She said this E-Light technology works so much more better than the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Technology.

Based from a quick Google search, it says that the E-Light system combines both RF & IPL technology. It works using light energy to preheat the target area which creates thermal path for Radio Frequency (PF) to travel, then Electrical Energy (RF) is delivered directly to the hair follicle or targeted vascular and pigmented lesions. [Source: redbeauty.co.nz]

In layman's terms, it means theoretically it should work a lot better than IPL to the point where some websites give it a quantitative score of performing three times more effective than IPL. I haven't had IPL done on me so I'm not really reliable source to say it's better, but one major difference/observation I can provide to you is that in the process for E-Light, the technician will wax the hair off, instead of shaving.

I know they shave for IPL since it's important to have the follicles left in the skin so the laser will be able to differentiate which parts to zap into oblivion. On the other hand, for E-Light you won't have to worry about shaving because they require to wax the area first before doing the treatment.

So now that we got the specifics out of the way, the reason I wish I did this sooner is because I have been getting brazilian/bikini waxes for 8 years now and they are expensive. Had I jumped to this life choice (lol) sooner, I'd have saved a lot of money.

Before you assume, allow me to clarify that this post is not paid. I wanted to post about it as a result of my other post about Where I Go To Get Waxed getting the record of Most Read Post of all time on this blog. This tells me that a lot of you who land on my page also goes through the same journey of trying to be beach-ready any time of the year.


I got a package from my goto waxing salon, Blossom Beauty House, here in Singapore. It costed me S$250 for a 5+1 package. So basically, it's S$41.67 per session. If not in package, it's a bit steep at around S$78+. Since you're most likely doing around 5-6 sessions anyway, a package would obviously be the more cost-efficient option.

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