Bad Placement or Genius Design?

December 14, 2016

In a day, how many times do you receive this Messenger Invite, quickly followed by a message saying "Wait, sorry wrong press" or "Sorry, wrong sent?"

Today alone, I got this invite thrice, which is not really many per se. I'd say this is probably the median. Sometimes, there will be heydays when you'd get one every hour. Or when you're not really chatting with anyone that day, you might get lucky and only get one invite for the whole day. However, if you receive even just one invite per day, it can still be annoying.

So which is it? Is the Invite link poorly placed at the top of the chat window and for anyone with normal, human fingers to mistakenly click on? OR is this a well-thought out user interface design that annoys the user into submission AKA forces user to install/update the Facebook Messenger app?

I'll briefly go over three points going thru my head as I type this fresh off from Ladies Night:

1) Facebook really wants you to have a Messenger app in your phone. It has been two years since they started forcing people to download the app, and it has been paying off.

2) I can't see the article anymore, but I have read somewhere that Zuck wanted to practically own your soul integrate the many Facebook apps (e.g., Facebook, Messenger, Groups, Pages, etc) into your daily life so as to not become another Friendster nor Multiply. (We all know what happened to both!) True enough, by now, owning a Facebook account has slowly inched into being a necessity. You'll get what I mean if you deactivate your account.

Facebook has been innovating nonstop, and they're doing a good job at staying relevant.

3) IF YOU'VE STOPPED RECEIVING THIS INVITE, CONGRATULATIONS for updating your Messenger/installing the app! You have proven that with enough persistence from Facebook, you'll eventually succumb to their wishes.

By the way, it's not really a bad thing to install/update the app. In fact, if you do it now, it will save you and your friends the hassle of sending/receiving those Messenger invites. To answer my own question... For me, this is a product of a meticulously designed app, with a goal of getting more and more users to keep the company thriving and non-obsolete. I, myself, haven't updated my app but this is because I'm tolerant and I find humor in it whenever I accidentally send/receive the invites.

Also, I am lazy. Signing off~

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